At the Song Lab we often oversee every element of the process from a song’s creation to collecting fees and royalties resulting from pop music Synchronisation. A big part of the work for us is in the clearance of a song for licensing which involves paperwork for songwriters. When you sign a song with us, we’ll give you some forms to fill in.

We act as a one-stop-shop to our clients in the TV/Film/Media world meaning that we can instantly gain clearance and issue a license to synchronise your song.

For this, we need a master owners agreement in place, a collaboration agreement (if you co-wrote the song) and a performance clearance agreement (if you hired anybody to play or sing on your song). We don’t mind you using samples or loops providing that they’re royalty-free (and we may ask you to provide documentation for certain loops / samples).

Summary of Royalty Splits:

Performance Rights Royalty Split System
Non-Exclusive Deals: The Song Lab 40%/ the Writer(s) 60%
(For songwriters in the USA this equates to 80% of the publishers share. We take 0% of the writers share).

Master Rights Ownership

At The SongLab, we are in the business of fairness, openness and honesty. You spent time and money putting together your master and therefore you deserve to keep your rights to it. We spend time and money investing in the exploitation and negotiation and therefore our split is 50/50 on masters.

Please note that the Master Rights Ownership works differently on songs that are created at any of The SongLab Writing Camps. For these songs The SongLab picks up all charges for the cost of the recordings and therefore retains 100% of the Master Rights. This is however negotiable with the writers on the camps if they contribute to the creation of the production (we are fair after all!).

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