At The SongLab, we have our very own songwriter-friendly pop music publishing branch which works on a global basis in partnership with various sub publishers meaning that we can represent your song on a worldwide basis.

Single Song Assignment (SSA)

The SongLab Pop Music Publishing operates on a Single Song Assignment (SSA)- we sign songs and not writers. When a song is submitted to us, we assess its condition and its marketability. We’ll either reject it or sign it. It’s that simple. We might request that a song goes into ‘The Lab’ for some improvements but we’d never act on that before we get the writers’ approval.


By Songwriters, For Songwriters

Pop Publishing is a fast paced business – The SongLab was set up by songwriters for songwriters and we understand exactly how writers and composers think and operate in the 21st century. We also appreciate how beneficial it is for songwriters to be able to work on a non-exclusive basis with The SongLab meaning that you’re free to work with other companies on other songs without contractual obligation to us.

We do not offer long term writer deals, neither do we offer advances with our pop publishing deals.

Once the song is signed with the SongLab Pop Publishing it gets plugged into our global network and gains multi-platform exposure. It means that it could be re-recorded and cut by a recording artist, it could be placed as theme music on a TV show in its current form, it could find a placement on a movie soundtrack, it could be used to propel a media campaign, it could be cut up into 20 second instrumental bites and used as stings underneath dialogue on a well known TV drama, it could be used as source music in the background of a bar scene in a Hollywood blockbuster, it could be used for a trailer or it could even be used as a track on a video game. It could of course end up doing nothing at all in the time that it lives with us. We can’t guarantee we’ll place it. But we can guarantee that we’ll bust a gut trying to! Anyway, our A&R team wouldn’t sign it if they didn’t feel they could find a home for your song.