At the SongLab we are regularly holding pop writing camps where a lot of our library content is created. It is invite only however by submitting to us we might want to invite you along to be a part of a pop writing camp.

There is a selection of briefs for the day that are created by our A&R team based on the pitch requests we receive and current tendencies in the market. The writers, artists, producers are teamed up and each take part in up to 4 collaborations throughout the day.  Writers are expected to stay on target with their genre, vibe, tempo and references.

The SongLab will expect each writer to sign a single song assignment (SSA) and a SongLab Writers agreement outlining their song splits in the camp.

SongLab Writing Camps have been very succesful in the UK in 2015. We aready have expansion plans in 2016/2017 to hold camps in Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Sweden. If you’re interested why not reach out and email us to tell us about yourself.