We offer a variety of services in various music sectors however we have often been praised for our high quality pop production. We are always open to new ideas and will gladly discuss them with you! We Look forward to working with you! Have a browse through our pop production options.

One of the many factors that has dramatically changed this industry in recent years is pop music production. How a song is presented is CRUCIAL to how its perceived and placed. Only on a handful occasions nowadays do we receive requests from labels asking for stripped down demos. Almost every single request that comes in expects a fully produced master – especially in the Film / TV world. The amount of times we’ve heard music supervisors say to us “We like the song but the production isn’t right so we can’t use it”. Sadly, this is the case on far too many occasions and writers loose out on valuable credits and income as a result of under valuing the importance of song presentation.

Giving your song “The Lab” experience.

Think of it as a valuable investment or merely a sonic make over. Either way having your song produced by The Song Lab will quite simply give it a much higher chance of success. When we hear a song that we like, we quite quickly create a good understanding of where it could go and why, but to actually maximise the chances of that becoming a reality we need the right version of that song to help us to sell it. This is where the high quality pop production plays an important role!