As writers ourselves we know how difficult it is to remain impartial and objective about what we create.

Our Song Consultation service was set up as a result of popular demand.

Service includes a breakdown of song and career advice where writers will be offered both creative and business advice such as analysis of the song from the lyric, melody, arrangement and production point of view as well as advice what territories and markets are suitable for the song, companies it could be suitable for, relevant artist pitches, what kind of visual it could aid and what other options are available for the writer(s).

Consultation Options:

Online submission, one song per submission, an email reply with the advice.

Cost £20

30 minute telephone conversation, up to two songs. Songs must be emailed to us minimum 24 hours before the appointment.

Cost £30

60 minute one to one consultation (also available in Skype format), you can discuss your songs, business solutions and next steps to take.

Cost £50

Please note:

All consultations are prepaid via PayPal and are confirmed upon succesful payment.

To book your song consultation, please email

Disclaimer: This is a consultation only and does not guarantee a follow up process or placement.