Community Music

At The SongLab, we have no restrictions on those who wish to make music and so we have a number of strategic partners that we work with to ensure funding is in place for music making opportunities for young people aged 13-19.

If you are aged between 13 and 19 and live in or around the Birmingham (UK) area or know somebody who is and you’d like to enquire about a place on one of our projects please email

In partnership with Kidderminster College we run a long term project with MAS Records for Singers, Songwriters, Producers and DJs aged 16-19. The theme of this project is Artist Development and sessions take place between September – July every year. We take on 32 students per year who work on various aspects of their musicianship including weekly songwriting sessions, monthly music business seminars and recording time. Students often find this as a great tool to explore their artistry and widen their networks as many other opportunities are involved within this project.

Positive Labels Birmingham

In partnership with Make Some Noise and funded by Youth Music we run project called Positive Labels Birmingham. This is for young people aged 13-19 who write, record and release their own songs.

Track & Hook

We are currently in the process of setting up a new project for 2018 entitled Track and Hook which is a collaborative project aimed at up and coming DJs, Beat Makers and Producers who will work in partnership with Singers, Songwriters and Topliners who create songs together for digital release.

Funders and Partners:-