We offer a variety of production services for a range of commercial and educational sectors and we are often praised for our production process and results – especially for our vocal production services.

One of the prerequisites of the modern music industry is the importance of song presentation and this starts with the right approach and solution to the production of the project. We will talk to you in great detail about exactly what it is you are trying to achieve and how you wish to go about it. We try and make ourselves useful to people so that we are offering the best value at all times.


Think of it as a valuable investment or merely a sonic makeover but by working with The SongLab your song will be left in a condition that holds appeal. It might be that we can take the stems of an existing song project and generate a new sense of life into a song’s essence, or it could be start that we start from scratch. Everything is discussed with you for the best interests of your project. This should go without saying but for the purpose of legal simplicity you will always acquire all of your own master rights.