In the current music market the vocal has to be honest, believable and has to allow the listener to relate to the melody and lyric of the song. It requires high quality recording that so often can appear to be unreachable. At the SongLab we specialise in the best quality vocal production.

Whether you are a seasoned songwriter that needs someone excellent to demo your songs or you are a vocalist that wants to showcase a talent – a high quality vocal production might make all that important difference between a YES or NO.

If you want your vocal to sound radio play ready, if you, like so many other artists, only have one shot to make a perfect impression then a high quality vocal production is where you need to invest your time and resources.  If you are a songwriter we provide a selection of session singers ready to demo your track and sign the session release so the track can be used for synchronisation and placements and your publishers can a issue license for it.