Pro Tools 2021, Ableton Live Suite 10, Logic, Total Mix, Myriad, Kontakt, Sound Toys, Fab Filter, Waves.


500 Series rack for audio tracking and mixing – Neve 1073 Pre Amp, API 550A EQ, IGS Audio 576 Compressor.
TC Electronics Dual Pre Amp and Compressor Unit.
TC Electronics Multi FX Rack.


Demvox vocal booth (soundproofed, acoustically treated, silent air con, tripled glazed window and fireproof).


Ableton Push 2 Controller
A range of MIDI controllers and MIDI triggers
Arturia MicroFreak (Vocoder Edition)
Alesis Micron
Two Notes Audio Cab Simulator
A range of Suhr, Boss, Two Notes and TC Electronics guitar FX pedals.
Pioneer DJ Decks
Roland TR8 drum machine
Roland TR808 drum machine (digital, not one of the originals)
JBL portable PA


Marshall JVM Head and 2×12 Cab
Hughes & Kettner Combo,
A range of Fender combos (tube and digital options)
Line 6 Spider IV combo


A range of Shure, AKG, Aston and Audio Technica mics.