Software & Outboard

Pro Tools 10 Rig, Logic Pro, Reason 7 (all on MAC)

Neve 1073 Mono Pre-Amp, Lindel Audio 7×500 FET Compressor, UA 1176 Compressor, API 550A EQ, TL Audio Dual Valve Pre-Amp / Compressor. AD Conversion – RME Fireface


Hardware FX: Boss GT001, TC Electronics Multi FX rack, Lexicon MX400, a wide range of stomp box FX.

Pedals including various types of Boss units, Danelectro, Mesa Boogie, Suhr pedals and many more!

Software FX: A HUGE array of plugins including Lexicon Reverbs/Delays, Guitar Rig, Amplitube, Addictive Drums, GPO, Waves, Native, REV, SSL, APIthe list goes on!

Mics & Guitars

Mics: AKG 414 XL2, Blue Dragonfly, Neuman TLM 103, Shure SM58, SM57 and a range of Audio Technica mics.

Guitars: Gibson SG standard, Gibson SG New Century Special, Ibanez RG Prestige Series (x2), Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, Danelectro, Ibanez Artwood Acoustic, Martin DX1 Acoustic.

Keys & Amps

Keys: Yamaha Clavinova (full size/weighted keys), Alesis Micron Analogue Synth, Oxygen 61 USB Controller, AKAI USB Controller.

Amps: Marshall JVM Head and 2×12 Cab , Orange CR120 Head and 4×12 Cab, Line 6 Spider IV 100w combo, Hughes & Kettner Club Reverb Combo.

Monitors: KRK, M-Audio.