Meldra Guza
Meldra GuzaManaging Director
Meldra Guza has a wealth of experience in the music industry having been a well known recording artist in her native Latvia since the age of 14. Having been a teen sensation and a Song Contest star that went on to achieve further success in her twenties, Meldra acquired a great deal of knowledge behind the business which she has successfully managed to transfer into other areas of the music industry having successfully placed many of her songs into US Film and TV during her 2 year stint as a Los Angeles based Pop Songwriter. Now based in the UK, Meldra heads up the operations at The SongLab and oversees all the aspects of the company’s trading whilst also being an excellent mentor to many of the young writers and artists that we work with, with her smiley, friendly and positive ways.
Jonny Amos
Jonny AmosCreative Director
Jonny Amos is a Songwriter, Producer and A&R consultant with almost 20 years experience in the music industry. Like many, Jonny started out as an artist who learned the pitfalls of the industry in some of the hardest ways possible and yet remains one of the most positive people you could wish to meet. Despite a top ten hit in Australia as a solo act and a 3 year stint in the award winning UK rock group Red Star Rebels, Jonny never landed “that big deal” he’d always hoped for as an artist. However, he found his calling once he’d evolved into a Pop Writer / Producer and quickly gained placements for his songs in countries such as the USA, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Latvia and Malaysia. Jonny has an incredible ability for hearing a song, quickly assessing what needs to be done to it, knowing its market and then rolling his sleeves up and finding a placement for it even if it means jumping on a plane to see it through. If your song is in his hands, it’s in safe hands.

The Song Lab Experts

Jonny and Meldra have built a formidable team around them ensuring The Song Lab has a wide range of experts working with them.

The SongLab work closely in partnership with key Radio Pluggers (Regional and National), PR, Artist Management Companies, Artists, Songwriters, Publishers and Labels on a global scale.