Meldra Guza
Meldra GuzaManaging Director
Meldra has a wealth of experience in various sectors of the music industry as a recording artist, songwriter, vocal producer, session guitarist, lecturer and mentor. Meldra’s career started in her native Latvia where she enjoyed mainstream success as a teen recording star on tv and radio with regular features in national publications and live performances in large capacity venues and festivals. Meldra then moved to the UK to study popular music before graduating and moving to Los Angeles for a 2 year stint composing songs for tv. Meldra has also sesssioned on guitar for various recording artists including Rod Stewart and Ce Lo Green and has composed songs for recording artists in Europe and Asia. Meldra is also one of the leading voice talents for Fisher Price toys for the Latvian market and a music industry lecturer at BIMM Institute in Birmingham. Meldra is a key figure at The SongLab is very popular amongst our clients with her smiley, positive and welcoming nature. Meldra is about to complete her masters in business administration and always strives for the best she can be which is one of the many facets that make her such a valuable mentor for the many young she works with.
Jonny Amos
Jonny AmosCreative Director
Jonny Amos is a songwriter, producer and creative director at the SongLab. With 25 years of experience in the music industry, Jonny plays a crucial role in developing music creators and preparing them for success. Jonny started out in the music industry as an artist who learned about the pitfalls of the business as both a solo artist, a member of the award winning uk rock band Red Star Rebels and latterly his digital live looping act, The Maker Band. Despite much success in the form of film syncs, sold our tours, red carpets and various magazine articles, Jonny never experienced that one big deal he had always hoped for as an artist. Looking to further evolve his skill set, Jonny developed into the hit songwriter and producer he has since become with his songs and productions active across 4 continents. Jonny regularly attends various professional songwriting camps in many different countries and always brings a flow of new found knowledge and passion into his workshops and classes with young learners whilst composing and producing for recording artists across the world. Jonny also runs his own artist and label project, Glow Beets, where he collaborates with a range of artists, DJs and producers to create songs and remixes in the world of electronic dance music. Jonny is also a lecturer in songwriting, music production and music business at BIMM Institute in Birmingham whilst also holding a pivotal role at the SongLab where he mentors young people and produces and mixes various recording projects. Jonny is known by many for his welcoming, bright and approachable personality which is often why he’s seen presenting music industry events in the Birmingham area.

The Song Lab Experts

Jonny and Meldra have built a formidable team around them ensuring The Song Lab has a wide range of experts working with them.

The SongLab work closely in partnership with key Radio Pluggers (Regional and National), PR, Artist Management Companies, Artists, Songwriters, Publishers and Labels on a global scale.