Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud…

There is an almost endless list of websites to promote your music online, but the drawback of social websites is that it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.

Getting your brand or image across in one small profile image is impossible. Even if people to visit your page or profile, it will look a lot like other artist’s pages. It’s extremely difficult to make any kind of immediate impact to new visitors working inside these rigid website frameworks.

The good news:
This is not true for standalone websites!

Having your own website, opens an Aladdin’s Cave of possibilities when it comes to showcasing your music and your image. You can have it packed with interesting features, creating a much more immersive experience for potential new fans (and important “industry” visitors too).

Creating a strong first impression in this industry is key and this is where having your own website has a strong advantage over social websites because they are in a sense unrestricted. You’re no longer confined to a tiny profile image, or that boring blue Facebook background everyone has on their page!

Other Benefits of having your own website:

It makes you look more professional and established.

Many more features are available than on social sites (for example instant playing music, full screen images etc).

It looks great having www.YourName.co.uk on your promotional items.

It’s just about you – no distracting links to other people’s profiles or band pages.

Getting ahead – few competing artists will have their own website.

Fan Retention – Fans will return to your website more than a Facebook Page or Twitter Profile if it’s a richer source of information.

So how do I get my own website?

The Song Lab have exclusively partnered with top UK Website Design Agency DesignRED. We’ve worked with DesignRED for over ten years and they have undertaken promotional work on the following artists:

Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Kylie Minogue, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Iron Maiden, Michael Bublé, Steel Panther, Doc Brown, Slipknot, Wireless Festival, Ariana Grande, Fleetwood Mac, Download Festival.

Paul Mead is the Managing Director of DesignRED and has been in and out of bands all his adult life so has a unique perspective for a website guru! At The Song Lab, we like to put the experts in front of you, so if you’re thinking about getting a website to promote your music online, you can contact him directly by completing the form below.

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If you like our website, that’s great. It was created by the guys at DesignRED.

We can give no better endorsement than that!