At The SongLab, we have our very own songwriter-friendly pop music publishing library which works on a global basis in partnership with various sub publishers meaning that we can represent your song on a worldwide basis. We don’t like complicated deals with ambiguous small print (we were set up by songwriters after all!). Our deal is simple:   60/40 Copyright split in favour of the Writer(s) for our non exclusive deals. This is always on a single song assignment (SSA) arrangement and we only ever deal with business on a song by song basis with no advance payment.

What will we do with your song once its been signed by The SongLab?

The truth is that there is no short answer to that question. Fundamentally, our principles are to register, promote and collect income from the exploitation of your song on a worldwide basis once it is signed to the SongLab Pop Library . However, we like to go a little further than that by exploring every single possible option there is for the life of your song from both a creative and business perspective.

Today’s technology makes the world a smaller place…

We’re a UK based company but there’s a big wide world out there and there’s opportunities everywhere in this rapidly evolving industry. We have an experienced team that have placed songs in various countries all over the globe and its therefore our job to find the people and places that are relevant to your song. This is why we like to sign the rights to songs on a worldwide basis so that we’re free to shop it in territories that you may not even have thought of. Whilst we can’t promise success, we can promise that we’ll plug your song into a global network of music users. The Pop Library is available 24/7 worldwide to our great network of music superwisers and music industry profesionals.